Dynamic Packaging for your Tenerife Holiday

Traditionally, if you were looking to book a Tenerife holiday you’d go straight to a package holiday tour operator.

Then came along low cost airlines and we all started booking our own Tenerife flights and hotels and building our own Tenerife holidays.

Often big savings were to be had but unfortunately many people suffered from the negative aspects of such an arrangement. If the flight was delayed, amended or cancelled then the full cost of the hotel booking may be lost. The little things like transfers or the support of a rep can become a holiday nightmare if they’re not part of a package.

If you’d booked a Tenerife holiday and your plans changed there is often no provision to amend independent arrangements.

This is where a new type of Tenerife holiday booking has arrived. It’s known as dynamic packaging.

One company will arrange all aspects of your Tenerife holiday using the flights and hotels that suit you. They will also arrange transfers, hire cars and insurance.

They claim to offer big savings over traditionally booked Tenerife package holidays but still offer the convenience of a one stop booking.

There’s a few well-respected leaders in the Tenerife dynamic packaging market and we’ve listed then below.

Some dynamically-packaged Tenerife holidays will be fully ABTA protected and some of these websites will include supplier-failure insurance just in case an airline or hotel agent goes under.

Give them a try and see what they can come up with.


Alpha Rooms


On The Beach

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